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Introduction - music for disabled and pros

The Musical Instruments

Here the computer makes up little random words of wisdom:

If you have trouble playing the sound files, here is a competent player to download: Get VLC player! Choose operating system, download and install!

Welcome to Soundwell's musical instruments!

Here you can see and listen to newly invented musical instruments, designed to bring out the joy of music making - from the start on. A collection of flutes, mostly overtone flutes, including some of a kind you never seen or heard before . Musical instruments designed to be available for everyone, from the experienced wizard of sound to those who never touched an instrument before. With a special thought towards those who have some difficulties to hold or blow, for different reasons. People with certain disabilities, and of course, children. New fun for everyone. You will find a lot of sound samples on the site, and for the flutes, you can also see video demonstrations on the respective pages - and below on this one.

These musical instruments are easy to get started with. It takes a minimal effort to make them sound and with their new thrilling sounds, they invite to an adventure into the world of music, tones and sounds and maybe into yourself. They are all invented and hand crafted in Sweden and now they offer themselves to be heard over the world.

Improvisation, sound games. On the site you can find descriptions and sounding samples with ways to play, that you can use when you want to make your own music together in the moment. Giving space and time for creativity and extended listening in a common improvisation takes you close to the essence of the musical experience. And it's fun! The xylophone The Raft is excellent for playing many players together (unavailable at the moment), and the flutes are tuned together with it, so you can make a fine orchestra out of Soundwell's musical instruments. And of course you can use them with other musical instruments you have, for any kind of arrangement.

NEW! The latest of Soundwell's musical instruments. A One hand recorder. Get an ordinary (piano white keys) diatonic scale with only one hand. Right and left hand version.

EXTRA. Play along with the computer! Turn on one of the guitar backgrounds and get at it! And try the ultimate extra bonus, the Wisdom generator - to the left.

So, welcome to surf around, look, listen and maybe order an instrument or two directly from here, in the online shop. If you want, you can also browse the Swedish site, translated with Google translator, a little strange but you will find some more text there.

Here to the left you see and hear two of Soundwell's flutes in action. This is from the first day the girls met with the flutes.




the snake

the stick

the raft

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