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Soundwell is created by me, Anders Erkéus, with the purpose of making music a little more available for all, and at the same time give some new impulses to those who are well into it. Since the seventies I have been developing new, simple but well sounding instruments and giving courses on how to make and use them in improvised music together. I have worked - and played - with children and grown-ups in many places and situations, from children daycare centers to the Royal High School of Music in Stockholm, in congregation halls or outdoor festivals, with disabled and abled (do they exist?). Instruments, sound sculptures, and musical machines have been displayed and played at the Musical Museum and the Modern Museum in Stockholm.

I did these jobs with the group Ljudlekslänken , (untranslatable), where I also took part in making a book on how to make simple instruments, that was very well spread around Sweden.

Now I have decided to produce and offer for sale professional versions of some of the instruments I have worked with. Here is what I offer now:

In this site, you can see and listen to the flute Krummeluren which I have named The Snake , which was developed with the support of a Swedish organisation for disabled school children. There is also a smaller flute brother, called The Stick . For professionals who want to play an overtone flute in all keys, there is now The Multiflute. For those who want the ordinary scale, and only use one hand to play, look up the One hand Recorder. I have also added the flagship of our musical sessions with children and grown-ups, a big xylophone, that I call The Raft (No, It doesn't brake if you sit on it).On these pages you can listen to and read about them, including a little how they work, among other things. And buy them online. I can recieve credit cards so go to "How to order"!

I also very much would want to find some organisation/s musical shops and person/s to cooperate with, perhaps someone that can distribute the instruments in your country. If you represent that possibility, please make contact! Through e-mail, the form or ordinary mail. Or even call me!

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